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Mar 13, 2020Exotic Destination, Where to Eat

Gelato in Italian means ice cream. Who doesn’t love this cold, sweet, and creamy treats? As a tropical island, you can not defeat the heat of Bali. One of the easiest ways to cool down and escape the heat is by having tasty ice cream. A quick and easy to find dessert after having delicious local food. You will see numbers of gelato and ice cream hut are spreading across the tourist area in Bali. Not in particular order, we are sorting some of the tastiest gelato and ice cream huts in Bali that you should try.

Copenhagen Canggu

Copenhagen Canggu | ©Copenhagen Canggu

Plenty of dog owners come to Copenhagen Canggu to meet up with their friends and have a delicious meal without left their dog behind. The indoor and outdoor setting allows your dog to walk around the restaurant and sit next to your table. Not only pet dogs, but there are other stray dogs walks around the cafe. Don’t you worry, they are not going to bother you while you are eating. As seen on the name, this Batu Belig based cafe is serving you a Nordic dish and pastry that you should try. The Scandinavian decor adds up the Europen ambiance to this cafe. Other than the Danish pastry, they have selections of brunch menus with vegan and gluten-free options such as sourdough with smashed avocado, egg, watercress, and pickled onion or their vegan cookies. 

Milk and Madu Cafe

Milk and Madu Cafe | ©Milk & Madu.

Still, around the Canggu area, the next restaurant is called Milk & Madu. This is the place for you to chill out, have a good meal, and play with your dog. Nothing better than that for the weekend. From breakfast to dinner, this semi-outdoor concept restaurant will serve you some fresh, healthy, and delicious food creations like smoothie bowls and pizza. They also have coffee that will win your heart. As long as the dog doesn’t bother other guests, they will let your dog sit next to you. However, the dog can only be at the patio area, so make sure you choose the patio seating. Milk & Madu is a family and dog-friendly restaurant located in Pantar Berawa street and open for business from 7 AM to 10 PM. 

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Kembali Bumbak

Kembali Bumbak| ©Kembali Bumbak

The weekend is about eating out. The next restaurant on the list is Kembali Bumbak. If you are too lazy to make yourself breakfast, get out there, bring your dog with you, and head to this place. This cafe is open for business at 7.30 AM which excellent to start the day. They have choices of breakfast menu from sweet to savory dishes. Scramble eggs, pancakes with fruits, or ham and cheese toast, whatever you choose, you will have a great start with the food. Don’t forget to order the coffee. The food and the interior that worth taking pictures of. You can leave your dog playing around the beautiful outdoor garden while you have a fulfilling meal. This dog-friendly is located in Umalas, Seminyak.


KAFE Ubud| ©KAFE Ubud

If you are happens strolling around Ubud with your dog, you can stop by at the KAFE.KAFE is a vegetarian restaurant that allows you and your dog to hang around together. They even have their own dogs as the restaurant’s pet that lives in the area. The waiters will tell you which dog you can play with so you won’t be afraid to be barked or get bitten. You’ll get some great choices of fresh and healthy food that are served here made from locally sourced ingredients.KAFE always tries to find a way to give back to the local community. Not only through the food ingredients, but KAFE also has a small store dedicated to local businesses to display their product, which the profit will go to the charity. 


Those are some of the restaurants that allow you to eat together in one place. You won’t worry or feel guilty to let your dog waits outside while you are having a delicious meal inside.

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