Cafe del Mar Bali: Mediterranean vibes in Bali

Nov 24, 2019Exotic Destination, What to Do, Where to Eat

beach clubs Café del Mar | ©Café del Mar

Offers infinity pool in a coastline of Canggu, a new luxurious laid-back site to enjoy the sunset is reaching Bali. The Iconic venue of the Spanish isle of Ibiza, Cafe del Mar, brings new festive to the list of tourist destinations in Bali. Cafe del Mar is presenting the world-famous stop for chill out on the beach for the wave seeker to Indonesia. Now, you fancy the taste of Ibiza in Bali.  

Café del Mar Bali has grown as a luxury destination for international tourists with more than 12 locations around the world.

Experience the Mediterranean atmosphere in Bali. Visitors are spoiled with the famous house music of Cafe del Mar with selections of all-day dining options with Mediterranean menu. Obviously, all the food are freshly prepared by professional chefs. Besides, enjoy beach clubs bar with many choices of snacks and refreshments. Drink up over the pool, on the day beds or private cabanas which just a few steps from the ocean. So, don’t forget to bring your bathing suits! 

Pool Booth & Day Bed in Café del Mar | ©Café del Mar

Combining the Mediterranean architecture with the Indonesian approach, Cafe del Mar welcoming visitors from day to night. A great place for lunch meeting to a night out to see the stars over the horizon. Ultimately, Cafe del Mar could be an option to be a spectacular destination to visit for a luxurious experience of European culture in Bali.

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