Beautiful and Relaxing Destination: Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Mar 20, 2020Exotic Destination, What to Do

Where is Tegalalang ?

Another face of this stunning tropical island. The magnificent landscape and infinity view of emerald green from the rice terrace will take a special place in your heart. Refreshing, calming, harmonious, and energizing are the way to describe the breathtaking view of the Tegalalang rice terrace. It is one of the tourist attraction in Ubud you should visit during your vacation in Bali.⁠ Tegalalang is located in Gianyar, about 90 minutes from the Airport. Or, if you are staying in Ubud, it only takes 30 minutes driving. You can get here either by car or motorbike. Tegalalang is a hill area, so expect a tight and twisty road.

What to Expect

As soon as you arrived, you can sense the different ambiance of Bali. Fresh air, a great climate, and the beautiful green scene are ready to be explored. From the top, this mesmerizing view is unbearable. The rice terrace, people working and walking, Bali swings, and some restaurants, all in one place with such a balance. If you don’t want to walk down the padding, you can sit by the restaurant that faces the rice padding.

However, it is recommended to walk down the padding and explore the area. It might take an hour to see every corner of the rice field. The pathway is narrow. If you are in a cross path, you might have to wait for someone else to walk by before you can continue. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes if you are decided to walk down the terrace since the path is muddy and slippery. It is a working rice field, you might see the farmers are working on their paddies, some animals like chickens, duck, or sometimes snakes, so be careful while you are walking.

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Tegalalang is the place where you can experience the Bali swings. You don’t have to walk down too far from the entrance to find one. Almost every restaurant provides this service. With Rp 150.000, you can swing on the top of rice padding with a jaw dropping view on the front. So get your camera ready for this moment. Some of the swings offer dresses for rent to make your picture even more spectacular.

Best Time to Visit

There are no official opening hours of this tourist destination. You can come anytime you want as long as the sun is still up. However, the early morning might be the best time to visit. The sight of the sun rising and passing through the dusk is splendid and memorable. In terms of the season, the best month to get here is during the harvest season, around March or September.


One more thing, there is no official ticket price to enter this area, but locals will ask you to pay some tickets. It’s not that expensive, just about Rp 10.000 per person. Just remember to bring some chains since there are huts that asked for donations.

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